Wesley Student Center at Lamar University

Wesley Student Center at Lamar University

This United Methodist Church Campus Ministry staff strives to serve all communities of faith and to support all students at Lamar University. We embrace the United Methodist Church tradition of forming men and women in the service of others.

What Campus Ministry Can Do For You:

  • You have questions about your spiritual birthright, but have no idea where to begin looking.
  • You want to put your faith into action, but do not know how.
  • You need help adjusting to campus life, but are afraid to ask.
  • You want some guidance on life-changing decisions, but do not know where to turn.
  • You would like to participate more fully in the church, but are not sure what exactly you could do.
  • You hope to join a faith sharing or Bible study group, but do not know how to connect with other interested students.
  • You are searching for a sense of community, but are not sure where to look.
  • You would like to learn more about the Christian  faith, but do not know where to start.
  • Through the programs and worship opportunities  offered by Campus Ministry, we hope you will find real opportunities to deepen your faith, to develop a spirituality that will serve you now and in the future, and to discuss the religious, ethical, and personal questions that you face every day.
  • Let us help you by filling out our student contact form.
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